Location filming available

The set space is 1,300 square feet consisting of two 16’ x 16’ rooms, a 32’ corridor, waiting
room and nurses station. Heritage has gated parking for approximately 30 vehicles and
multiple loading docks. A green room and wifi are also available. The remainder of the 16,000 square feet houses sate of the art medical and laboratory equipment for rent that can be dressed into the set.

How it works:
• Scout the location to make sure it fits your needs
• Negotiate the time and rate
• The set decoration team can pick out what items they would like dressed into the set and Heritage staff will have the set dressed prior to the shoot saving the production time,
transportation and labor costs.
• Heritage staff will be onsite on shoot days to provide technical support to maintain proper functionality of all our equipment.
Advantages of shooting here:
• With a full array of inventory Heritage has the ability to create nearly any medical scene without having to go elsewhere for equipment needs.
• Transportation cost savings since it will not be necessary to take out or bring in equipment to shoot your medical or laboratory scenes.
• On-site knowledgeable technical support
• Labor cost savings since the Heritage staff can have the set dressed and ready shoot prior to the shoot day.
• Flexibility on shoot days to swap out equipment or make additions without holding up
• All our graphics are “cleared” for use